4eshopping  : عندما تصبح الصيدليات هي الموضوع

4eshopping: When pharmacies become the subject

When pharmacies become the subject, the 4eshopping team is keen to achieve the best benefit for all our customers, by understanding the nature of the pharmacy-related business and understanding the nature of the challenges facing pharmacists as they actually are and then be a serious business trip so that the solutions provided by us are effective and decisive.

For this, this article was about e-commerce and its advantages, especially through the 4eshopping platform, and will be talked about through the following elements:

·         E-commerce features.

·         E-commerce features for companies.

·         E-commerce features through the 4eshopping platform.

·         Conclusion.

E-commerce features:

The face of life in college changed when many of our daily life activities turned to reliability on technology that became new around the clock, and since man was keen to take advantage of this technological revolution, businesses turned into online e-commerce, so business deals and fun and fast shopping trips became happening on online reality platforms.

These new business technologies have benefited many individuals and broad community segments as business transactions occur very shortly and at any hour throughout the day. The Internet has become a vast arena for exchanging experiences and opinions on the services and products provided.

E-commerce features for companies:

Companies have had a share of the benefit of that tremendous technological advance in trade:

·         The market has expanded dramatically and access to a variety of segments of consumers is easy and instantaneous both locally and globally.

·         Reducing costs resulting in lower prices, as well as easy processing, retrieving, saving, and sharing data.

·         The products on offer have become more suited to customer tastes, making this a preference for buyers to look for through online platforms.

·         Getting the product has become faster and easier in financial transactions.

·         E-commerce features through the 4eshopping platform:

·         Shopping can be made at any time 24 hours a day even on holidays, except for maintenance times or internet outages. Our customer service team has been trained at the highest level of professionalism only to provide a fun shopping experience for platform customers.

·         Quick to complete your purchase: Platform 4 eshopping ensures that browsing and downloading product pages or the shopping basket page is fast and easy so it doesn't take a few seconds.  The entire purchase takes place in just a few minutes.

·         Offer a large variety of products: 4 eshopping receives distinguished sellers offering the best brands and the finest products so that our pharmacist customers can choose what is best for their customers and the highest profit return among thousands of products, and then shipping to the buyer after the purchase has been completed.

·         The team of developers designed the 4eshopping platform so that access to the desired product becomes easy through the classifications of products whose titles have been carefully selected and after a lot of research surveys, as well as the search feature available on the platform that enables users to accurately access exactly what they want and click a few buttons.

·         The platform can sell its products to any customer who can access them, no matter where they are, even outside the country.

·         E-commerce avoids many of the expenses that traditional trade has to pay, enabling platform owners to cut prices competitively. Therefore, the prices of 4eshopping products are lower than in other places that sell the same products.

·         Those who shop electronically can carry out the date of visitor browsing, which is considered to be useful product recommendations, and give a picture of the quality of the products required and the extent to which they are ordered.

The advantages that a pharmacist gets when dealing with the 4eshopping platform:

- 4eshopping is a platform through which pharmacies can purchase supplement, body care and other products with multiple material gains and higher return on investment.

- 4eshopping understands the needs of pharmacists accurately so the platform is designed and determines marketing and promotional plans for the benefit of our valued pharmacy customers.

 Our package of features is not limited to that:

·         Advantages beyond what the pharmacist gets from stores and pharmaceutical companies:

Pharmacies receive discounts for medicines that exceed those of drug stores and even wholesale drug stores without having to look for burned drugs for sale, which will make the working environment of pharmaceutical distribution companies in Egypt more disciplined.

·         Additional discounts:

The pharmacy can get distributor discounts as manufacturers and importers are the sellers   on the platform, as well as pharmacies receive additional discounts starting from the first tray.

·         E-payment:

The availability of electronic payment methods is one of  the biggest features of e-commerce, so payment on 4eshopping can be made by a variety of means, including debit or credit card.

·         Additional discount:

One of the physical features the platform offers to its customers is to receive an additional 5% discount in the event of cash or electronic payment.

·         Bank installments:

The availability of sufficient capital for the success of the pharmacy is a challenge  facing many pharmacies with limited potential and  therefore the availability of the installment system is an effective solution that enables the pharmacy manager to provide important products to the pharmacy without disrupting part of the capital in it and therefore the money provided to provide other items can be directed to provide other items keen on the pharmacist to diversify products and medicines in   His pharmacy in addition to the possibility of increasing the quantities displayed on the shelves, which often reflects the luxury of the pharmacy and a standard of customer evaluation of the pharmacy.

 The installment system on 4eshopping is for different periods:

·         Six months’ interest-free - 12 months at 3% interest - 18 months at 5% interest.

·         E-coins:

    E-coins are designed as a promotional tool to make more profit for pharmacies and to motivate customers to continue dealing with the platform and send a message that the longer the period of dealing with the platform, the more profits will increase steadily.

·         Return policy:

Return policy is an important criteria when customers choose the platform through which they shop, especially when the B2B transaction where buy-and-sell relationships are continuous and not temporary, so the platform has a clear and flexible feedback policy that boils down to:

·         In the event of an error in the order sent, it will be returned within 14 days of receipt with the invoice.

·         Expired products are replaced by a bill of 30% of the new order.

·         Products with manufacturing defects are replaced with invoice.

·         ROI annual investment return for pharmacist according to monthly investment:

One of the most important advantages of 4eshopping platform and distinguishing it from all competitors is the return on investment at its highest value, when the pharmacy manager invests capital is expected to return this money with satisfactory profits.

The details of ROI for the 4eshopping platform are as follows:

Amount invested/monthly in  pounds

ROI / annually

ROI/capital ratio











A team of professionals in e-commerce has met its goal is pharmacies in all of Egypt studied the market and understood the nature of the work of the pharmacy and every member of the team within the pharmacy as well as keen to study the drug market and obstacles facing the pharmacist in it and designed the platform 4eshopping to be an ideal solution for pharmacies through which you can provide all its needs of high quality products and at prices unmatched with a fun shopping experience and achieve The highest return on investment.

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