Services provided by platform:

Our platform-based coaching team has selected a package of services that the platform provides to all its users with great care to satisfy all users' tastes and these services are summarized as follows:


1. Pharmacy services:

1.1. This service allows easy registration in only 3 steps and then you can beginning your trade prosses.

1.2. A package of services for pharmacies such as special discount on products when ordering, in addition to the incentive points program to help patch the profit margin and achieve the goals for pharmacies.

1.3.Speed performance in execution customer shipping order.


2. Buyers' Services:

2.1. A large package of services implemented to buyers, start with easily set up to register a special account in just 3 steps.

2.2. Great diversity of products to satisfy all tastes of customers.

2.3. Speed performance in execution of customer requests.

2.4. The platform understands requests for the recovery of defective products without shipping fees.

2.5. View all the new products to satisfy the tastes and desires of customers.